Pilatus PC12 Avionics IS&S Cockpit/IP
Flat Panel Display System

Finnoff Aviation Products is a Sales Agent for the IS&S Cockpit/IP™ Flat Panel Display System for PC-12 aircraft. Innovative Solutions & Support is known for “excellence in design and technology.”

Check the Advantages

  • A single-sided cockpit option. IS&S offers customers a single-side Cockpit/IP retrofit as a low-cost alternative,
    with the option of completing the full display at a later date.
  • Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) programming. This feature provides WAAS capability for both single-side and full-cockpit
    display architectures, allowing PC-12 operators to fly precision approaches
    at smaller airports.
  • Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) certification. RVSM
    certification is available for all the IS&S cockpit configurations
    for the PC-12. This certification allows PC-12 pilots access to the
    more fuel efficient RVSM airspace (at FL290 and above).

IS&S Display System Options for Pilatus PC-12

  • Four 10.4″ portrait display layout
  • Two 15″ landscape display layout
  • Two 10″ portrait and One 15″ landscape layout
  • Two 10″ single side portrait layout
  • Electronic Flight Bag/Class 3 E-Charts
  • LPV/WAAS lateral and vertical deviations and coupled approach
  • Live motion video
  • RVSM troubleshooting analysis


  • STC certified
  • Part 23/25 application
  • Enhanced readability
  • Improved safety from better situational awareness
  • Adaptable to future requirements and mandates
  • Significant weight savings to maximize your range
  • Low power consumption

“This is the best investment you can make to an otherwise great airplane. The MT Propeller is like getting a new engine with another 150 horsepower – only better.” – Lowell Sando

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