Pilatus PC12 Pratt & Whitney Engine Upgrade Aircraft Engines

Pilatus PC-12 Aircraft Engine Upgrade

The advanced engine technology of the Pilatus NG series is now available to operators of pre-NG Pilatus PC-12 aircraft. Finnoff Aviation Products holds the FAA-certified STC for the Pratt & Whitney (P&W) engine upgrade.

Check the Advantages

Improved Performance:

  • Speed: Up to 15-20 kt increase.
  • Climb Rate: Improvement in climb rate.
  • Value: P&W New Engine 7-year/2500hr* warranty increases aircraft value.
  • Increased Generator Power: New 300 Amp Second Generator.

Engine Technology: The latest P&W PT6A engine technology has been used for the development of the PT6A-67P engine, including new metallurgy for higher temperatures, Single Crystal CT Blades, and the new compressor that came out of the 41,000 foot altitude 67A development program.
Second Generator: The newly-designed Accessory Gear Box allows Dual 300 Amp generators. The improved electrical system accepts the second 300 Amp generator, with full power on Bus 2 and the 140 Amp cross-tie breaker to the Primary Bus.

Updated Engine Display: An improved Engine Instrument System (EIS) box, which displays the new higher engine limits.

Air Cooling: Included in the STC is a new enlarged NACA Scoop for generator cooling, the second 300 Amp generator.

ESP: Qualifies for P&W Engine Service Plan. The ESP from Pratt & Whitney provides guaranteed long-term engine maintenance cost; accurate budgeting and forecasting; and enhanced aircraft resale value.

Safety: Better performance permits the user to reach high altitudes more quickly, getting above inclement weather and potential icing conditions. Faster direct climb to 30,000′ at any weight and temperature.

Certification: FAA STC #SA02266LA to Finnoff Aviation Products, LLC: May 7, 2012. Certified – FAA, EASA, TCCA, DGCA.

Hear What Users Say

“More than a legend, the PT6A turboprop engine is a powerhouse that offers you unmatched performance, reliability and value in a wide range of applications. From flying into Antarctic darkness at 75 degrees below zero to supporting environmental efforts in reforestation programs, the dependability and versatility of the PT6A family continues to earn the highest respect from pilots worldwide.” – Pratt & Whitney

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