• PC12 ION Lithium Battery

Finnoff Aviation Products has obtained FAA approval for a Lithium Ion Battery in the Pilatus PC-12!

1. Concerned about the possibility of a hot start and very costly engine tear down/inspection thereafter?

Regarding Starting Power, the True Blue Li Ion Battery significantly surpasses all other batteries approved on the PC-12. Greater Starting Power means faster starts which means cooler starts, significantly lowering the possibility of a hot start.

2. 32.5 lbs. Weight Savings!!

3. Cold Weather Starts – Not a Problem!

The TB44 monitors internal temperature and has an internal heater. The battery temperature is maintained at a level that provides a powerful start.

4. Don’t be fooled by the initial cost of the battery. Life cycle cost is what matters and the TB44 compares very favorably in that regard.

Better Performance

“Has turned our PC-12/47 into a sports car version of the PC-12″ – Pixie Air Ltd.”

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